Are we in the golden age of Cloud Computing?

The world has projections of different technologies having decent trajectories that is until nothing extraordinary happened. In the blink of an eye, we were in the middle of a pandemic and it affected the tech world more than we thought it would. Technology and tech leaders had to move at extreme pace and design workforce distribution models, digital agendas that were accelerated and many other biggest shifts almost overnight.

Many surveys conducted revealed some interesting details. Companies now have accelerated the digitization of their supply-chain interactions, their customers and focused to maximize their operations. Companies admit that the past year was their biggest year in terms of learnings, adaptations and scalabilities. With the ‘new normal’ here to stay, companies have started focusing on stabilizing their new methods and recent changes which will eventually lead to their business growth.

The Challenge

Leaders have now started making mandates and plans that would include a reaction for chaos and crisis. But there is a paradigm shift of businesses to cloud than ever before mainly because of the security and feasibility for operations it provides. Cloud can be easily confirmed to be in the center of operations and strategies of companies that are formulating their rebound plans.

The way cloud affects businesses usually and the way it has affected them during this pandemic have a striking difference. Cloud brings a lot of organizational and operational changes to companies and during the pandemic both companies that were already cloud based and companies that were forced into cloud models were impacted and underwent radical changes.

The Solution

Normally the term cloud usually refers to the internet and it simply means many things from sharing of resources to software through a network of computers. Among the many advantages cloud computing brings to business, the notable ones are scalability, customer experience, improved customer support, flexible work environment, low infrastructure cost and access to customer groups. This can all be achieved through minimal level of complexity with more focus on security.

But the pandemic did affect and alter the cloud which in turn affected businesses. Organizations that were already high in the cloud adoption curve, have multiplied their benefits from the platform and have started directing IT investments and budgets more towards securing their cloud architecture and scale revenues.

“This directly derives answers to our question and puzzle and states that, in fact we are now in the Golden Age of Cloud Computing. As the cloud technology was feared as our challenge, became our desire and ultimately is our lifesaver during a world pandemic.”

But there were some organizations that had to just cope up with the change and jump to cloud models on account of the pandemic. Having had adverse effects on their business because of their ‘late changes’, these companies are now focusing more on cloud architecture and trying to build their business model around this. These companies are hence again driving good cloud investments into building a rigid, agile model.

Thus overall, right from smaller firms to big conglomerates, the motive and necessity to always be on top of their game, to be agile, flexible and highly scalable than ever by leveraging their cloud has become far more clear for all companies. To become truly digital, companies have embraced their first step in embracing cloud as the first stepping stone and a foundational platform.


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