Should the term ‘Dark Web’ scare you?

While the term ‘dark web’ is informally used to address every illegal webpage on the internet, it is not what it actually is perceived to be. The term ‘dark web’ is widely misused and we all definitely need to be educated on this. It is only right to know about ‘Deep Web’ before we discuss about ‘Dark Web’.

The deep web attributes to some parts of the internet that are usually not fully accessible through search engines that are standard like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It includes web pages that aren’t indexed, exist as private databases and are not free for service. The Dark Web maybe defined as a subclass of the deep web in general.

The dark web consists of encrypted online content which is not indexed by typical search engines.

The dark web, in some cases, is referred to as the dark net. The dark web is a part of the deep web, that consists of private files hosted on subscriber-only databases. 

Browsers, like Tor Browser, are the only means to reach the dark web. Dark web provides more privacy and standard web services with more secrecy. Eventually, because of the privacy it provides and other advantages it has also gained a reputation for hosting illegal webpages. In spite of the many benefits it provides, illegal activities get most of the attention.

It exists as a platform that helps people freely express their views. Coming to think of it, the dark web is more like the internet that existed in its early days during the last century.  A lot of the content on the dark web is something that is not yet ready for publishing and is very amateurish. It acts as a place for individuals and small organization’s to start sites and get attention. In simple words, the dark web is a very puzzling place where most of the content is still very much a work in progress where its benefits, full costs are unknown.

With time, the dark web started gaining its reputation as a haven for illegal activities. What’s arguable is that the dark web is implicated in crimes as frequently as the web before it. The dark web has certainly played a role in illegal and unethical transactions, it has also been the reason for someone’s privacy being stolen and has even been used for hiring someone to commit murders.

But on the other hand, it remains, to this day, it has provided a social outlet for people who wish to be anonymous to protect their identities or just keep their view and opinions strictly to their little circle. It has also served as a tool for legal teams and authorities to apprehend criminals who misuse this dark web.

The dark web and the deep web are often mistaken for each other. The deep web has all the webpages that don’t come up when you do an online search. The dark web whereas is just one part of this deep web. The deep web actually also contains everything that requires a sign in, such as online banking and file hosting services. Dark web is used in many ways for greater causes and education about this will lead to proper usage of this space.

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